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Can you also offer other types of vehicles that are listed in your selection?

YES, you can choose also other types and brands of vehicles. Contact us and we will discuss your specific requirement.

Is it possible to rent a car for a day??

YES, you can rent a car even for such a short period.
Choose according your needs.

We offer a short-term rental for reasonable prices. We compare prices with other car rentals in Prague and we always offer the best possible price.

Is it possible to rent a car for longer period, e.g. more than a month?
YES, we do long-term rentals in tariffs of 1,3,6 and 12 months.

You can drive a nice and luxury car without getting into a leasing contract.
We are here for you in situations where you don’t want to get bound by a leasing or a loan.
Our long-term rental prices are calculated based on the mileage and time of rental.
Once you know these two parameters, you can pay 1-month rental and the deposit.

Do you want to rent a car and you don’t want to come to our office?

We understand! Stay where you are and we will bring your car there! Delivery service is part of our services.

Would you like to have a drink and drive? Would you like to prepare for your business meetings while getting there?
If YES, we can offer a personal driver service with your car.

Should you need the driver for business purposes or leisure travel, contact us.
We can also provide personal driver services only, without a car rental.

Do you need to transport more people? Are you looking for a mini van?
If YES, we are here for you! We can transport small groups all around the Europe.

Are you planning to use higher mileage than daily limit?
Everything is a matter of a discussion and an agreement. Contact us and we will prepare your specific mileage package.