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Škoda Octavia combi III TDI (facelift)

Good price Škoda Octavia combi III TDI (facelift)


1 - 3 days 1240,- CZK
4 - 8 days 990,- CZK
9 - 15 days 900,- CZK
16 - 29 days 800,- CZK
30 and more days 600,- CZK
Deposit 10000,- CZK

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Škoda Octavia is a car in the lower middle class category, the first generation of which saw the light of day in 1996. This third generation, after the facelift, certainly belongs to an exceptionally reliable and practical Czech vehicle. This facelift is characterized primarily by its split headlights, and from a technical point of view, among other things, the width of the rear wheels has been widened by a total of 60 mm. The combi design with the TDI drive unit is undoubtedly the right choice if you emphasize consumption, reliability and practicality. The car will serve you well as a means of transport, for example for a family vacation, or to ensure various business activities.

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We rely on the cleanliness of our cars, we give clients a choice, either you return the car to us in the same condition, or you can pay extra and we will handle the cleaning for you...
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